ROV replace human divers?

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Deep sea diving is always a challenge for humans!


We are born to live on land. Though we used to grow in mother's uterus in water before our first appearance to the world, we are not genetically designed for underwater environment, not only in our body structure but also for the way we live. As physiologists calculated, human is only capable of enduring approximately 100m water pressure, that is nearly 1MPa pressure, 10 times than what we are taking on land. Compared to sea-born creatures such as Sperm Whale, which could dive deep into 2200m, human body is too fragile.



The Guinness World Record of Free Diving (dive without any Oxygen Equipment) is 113m (370ft), equals to one football yard, hold by French adventurer-Guillaume Néry, who has refreshed this record 4 times before creating this new one in 2016. After several months of hard training, he has successfully dived to 113m deep underwater without any assistance or equipment in Villefranche-sur-Mer of Nice France. The current was strong that day, which consumed over 6hrs for the judges of AIDA to confirm this new world record.



Human body is not designed to withstand such a high pressure underwater, even though with oxygen supplies, we are struggled to conquer the big pressure difference water has added on us, which would leave horrible disease such as Decompression Sickness and Nitrogen narcosis ( or nitrogen euphoria or raptures of the deep). Egyptian diving coach -- Ahmed Gabr has achieved an amazing record of human deep dive with oxygen equipment in Dahab Beach of Nuno Gomes in South Africa. His record is 332m (over 1000ft), nearly 3 football yard length. Ahmed Gabr's goal is to prove the human's capability of presence in deep sea, and he reached that depth in only 12mins but returned to surface after 15hrs.



Go deep down into dark water is just like going high above to the space, which we are heading to the unknown and the environment we could not live without any protections, and seems going down is even harder than up to the sky, while only 3 humans has made to the deepest valley on earth -- Mariana Trench - 11000m so far, much less than the number people gone into space.



With technology of underwater exploration, we have higher technology and more power to explore the deep unknown. Now with Geneinno Underwater Drone Titan, we are easily capable of viewing the subsea scenario 150m deep below the surface, and it is coming live while you don't have to dive to Guinness record depth to see all the underwater world 150m below you. So why bother getting yourself wet, and here comes the question asked at very beginning--would our human diver be replaced by underwater drone?


I find the answer is no for we humans are self-encouraged to challenge things nature did not design us to do, which makes human keep being great and moving forward. Yes we do need underwater drones to explore for us, to assist us in having adventures to deep dark sea, but it is the spirit of seeking nature's unknown that made us human, and Titan--the underwater drone would be the best pal to bring with during this great journey beneath water surface!


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