Drones In Ocean

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Nowadays there are too many drones flying through the sky, they are truly helping people find the new earth from a special perspective. What about the underwater zone, the ocean, the matrix of human beings, people get known too little about it. 
mariannnna.jpgThere are fans of the ocean, they always dive into the deep sea to explore the unknown and remarkable scene, but they can only get a limited area because of human fitness. Here comes Titan, the deepest underwater drone with the 4K camera, engage your eyes and arm to the deeper ocean.
Titan is not just an underwater drone, it’s your real eye of ocean and flexible arm to touch the deeper ocean. With ultra 4K camera, Titan can easily record the scene with incredible resolution rate up to 3840*2160, yet equip with two exclusive Titan diving filters helps to the reduced level of grain, you can even count the small dots on the fish.
Born for performance, Titan is the monster in drones. You see it from its cool shape, six powerful thrusters (4 vertical, 2 horizontal) enable it cruising the ocean at high speed helps capture the moment. Integrated with super capacity battery and optimal algorithm, Titan can work in the deeper zone for 4 hours, it’s terrific for the filmmakers and underwater photographer.


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