The bigger for adult?

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When we are kids, yellow submarine toy always keep our summer full of joy and amusement, the submarine toy is the first tool we get to know the underwater zone, there are too much unknown.
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Well, when we get older, we want to know more about the underwater zone, curious about all the pool, lake, river, ocean. Diving may be the best choice, but sometimes we want to go deeper and record the adventure of underwater footage. You get to need some help from science tool, think about you can control a robot to go unknown underwater zone, it's pretty cool, right?
Titan is never a toy for adult, it's your powerful and professional underwater drone. Drones connect with the controller makes it easy and fun for people, Titan makes it even better, precise hovering in the ocean even in the tough environment since Titan designed with self-balance and anti-current intelligent system, it can cope with it at ease. What’s more, using the Titan controller, you can take high and low angle shot at 60°, that makes you can record your underwater adventure at a different perspective. Moving your fingers to rule the underwater zone at the God angle, controlling the Titan just like playing the game, stick up/down/, float or dive, Titan brings your more joy and pleasure, it’s your new generation of underwater craft.

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