Deepest Diving Consumer ROV

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Red Red2018-08-24 05:52:27
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What do you use to explore the depths of the oceans? You use a submarine, Duh! But that is soon going to change, a submarine, the best option to work underwater is soon going to change with the introduction of powerful underwater drones.

But WHY? You might ask. Well, how many times have you been aboard a submarine? How likely are you to board a submarine? Maybe some chances, now how many submarines do you own? None!

That is the problem posed by submarines, they are massive, extremely costly, require the skilled crew for maneuvering, require constant inconvenient and costly maintenance and operation, and simply can’t be owned by the everyday user, us. If only we had a solution to all these burdensome problems that come with submarines.


The solution is called Titan. Developed by Geneinno, Titan is a drone capable of traveling underwater with much more agility and comfort compared to a submarine. WAIT! A drone? Yes, a drone that doesn’t just help you explore the reaches of the sky and the cities and of course your neighborhood, but also helps you explore the depths of the sea that are alien even to many marine researchers.


The fantastic features listed above are not just accessories you find in any UAV or drone that you can get conveniently; these features and accessories are picked, designed and optimized just for the purpose of Titan; marine research and study.

The incredible depth of the drone possible might be suspiciously deep, but the chassis of the drone is designed to bear the compressive pressures from water depths of at most 150 m with a factor of clearance of course.

The lighting is almost a must for any underwater research, and Titan provides just that 3,000 Lumen Lights attached to the drone. 6 thrusters attached to the drone account for accurate, swift and timely control of the drone. Well, splendid; this does indeed sound like a big deal, so how do you use it?

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