TRIDENT: Underwater Scooter

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Lee Lee2018-09-30 09:07:05
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Being underwater is one of my greatest dreams ever, 'cause I'd still don't know how to swim maybe this new Underwater Scooter will really help me. So excited to share this to you guys.
This is Trident the underwater scooter that can reach 164 ft depth. Wow! This is so incredible seeing the world underwater. It has a dual powerful propellers up to 12kg. Well it is easy to operate that can easily touch and choose the speed that you want. (3.6-7km per hour) Can be charged by 1.5 hours and has 6000 mah capacity battery that can last up to 1 hour of usage and compatible with GoPro. This is one of my dream underwater gear aside from learning how to swim through. Hope you like it!

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