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Red Red2018-10-13 06:50:52
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Over the last few years, rentable scooters, like Bird and Lime, as well as a variety of hoverboards, have become so popular it makes sense that there would be an underwater version at some point. GENEINNO’s Trident is an underwater scooter that’s designed with everyone in mind. It can be used for fun, or by professional divers, who can take the Trident down to 164 feet.
GENEINNO says, “Trident helps you explore deeper ocean environments, expand your own diving prowess, and capture magical moments with increased ease and flexibility.” The scooter has a thrust of up to 26 lbs, two-speed levels of 2.2 mph or 4 mph, and with a full charge, that takes about an hour and a half, its removable battery can run up to 60 minutes. It’s also equipped with an automatic low battery alert just in case.

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