Titan:best partner for diving

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Nowadays, more and more people are fascinated by diving . Diving is also becoming a new fashion lifestyle leisure.

What is the experience of diving  with  a “best partner”?吉影水下机器人1.png

Unfamiliar waters reconnaissance “heads up” to help determine water temperature, water temperature, risk and beauty in advance, so as to determine whether it is worth diving, and provide safety guarantee for diving experience. Divers no longer have to worry about not finding safe and beautiful high-quality “dive sites”. 


The companion controls the APP on the shore/ship and can see underwater beauty in real time without launching water, 4K HD video capture, record exciting divers trips, and share social networks with one click.


Underwater submersible shooting requires only easy remote control via mobile phone APP, no need to hold a hand-held sports camera, free hands, and divers can enjoy a comfortable dive.


Due to the size of the gas cylinder, the physical strength of the diving force and other factors, the average duration of the diver's launch is from half an hour to one hour. Titan can shoot underwater for more than 4 hours, and can dive to 150 meters, fully satisfying  the length and depth of demand for underwater exploration.


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