Titan Wins Red Dot Product Design Award

In March, the German Red Dot Award, known as the "Oscar" in the international industrial design world, was announced. The Titans Tigham Nvidia underwater robot Terry won the red dot product design award and was selected as the red dot in Essen, Germany. The museum exhibited works and carried out a global tour exhibition, which fully demonstrated the level and potential of Jiying Technology in product innovation design and quality.


Titan is a consumer-grade underwater drone that is produced by Geneinno. The main body of the fuselage is integrated into the minimalistic runway circle inspiration design, which also echoes the brand image LOGO. The back lines are smooth and full of movement, coupled with the unique "tail fin" design gives agility, advancement, and light weight appearance.

Geneinno’s underwater drones have been widely used in the civilian market and other underwater consumer entertainment, like Underwater shooting,Diving, and Yacht entertainment.