Compatible with GoPro. Record your Adventure
Neat flight design
Designed by red dot award winning team, Trident is unique, integrated design is neat and smart.
Dual propellers, thrust up to 26lbs
Smart processor inside, powerful thrust up to 26lbs, fulfill your entertainment in the underwater world.
Endurable for 60 mins
With optimal battery algorithm and high capacity battery, enjoy 60 mins underwater adventure.
Two variable speed levels
Free now, fly through the ocean at 3.6km/h or 7km/h like the mermaid.
Special safety lock for children
Special designed safety lock, keep children away from danger
Diving up to 40m(131ft)
With high performance, dive up to 40m(131ft) to explore more in the ocean.
  • Aquarium
    swimming with fish
  • Diving
    Explore the colorful water world
  • Snorkeling
    To finish the adventure in the unknown
  • Swimming pool
    Swimming smoothly and freely
Water park
Broaden your entertainment

New water enjoyment ever

Power meets your needs

Thrust up to 26.5lbs44

Long for water entertainment

Endurable for 60 mins

Deeper for more

Diving up to 131ft

Flying free like fish

Two variable speed

Smart monitor system for safety

Children safety lock

Application scene



Water Park


Design parameters

  • Specification
    • Weight: 3.7kg(8.15lb)
    • Dimensions: 500*210*226mm
    • Depth: 40m(131ft)
    • Variable speed: 3.6km/h or 7km/h
    • Buoyancy: 100g
    • Duration: 60 mins
    • Operating temperature: -20~60°C
    • Extension support: GoPro, light
    • Lock: child safety lock
    • Speed level: Two
  • Energy
    • Thrust: 12kg
    • Power: 180/480w
  • Battery
    • Capacity: 6000mAh/130Wh/li>
    • Voltage: 24v
    • Charging time: 1.5 hours