Top Lists of Water Gears Can Rekindle Your Passion for Water Playing

How long have you been diving?

Due to the repeated epidemics at home and abroad, there are very few opportunities to go out to play, much less diving.

with the great efforts of governments, the COVID-19 has been effectively controlled. There have been more outings, especially some marine entertainment this year.

water sports


Before we go out to play, we always need to make a plan, right?

One of the most important steps in planning an unforgettable water vacation is deciding what gear to bring. The full list will vary from trip to trip, depending on a range of factors, such as the water conditions at the destination, the weather, and the style of diving.

Today, I bring you a complete set of water playing equipment including diving and surf in water.

Diving Gears

NO.1 Regulator

Make sure the mouthpiece is comfortable. While almost any mouthpiece should be suitable for a diver, we recommend that you use the lower mouthpiece yourself and simulate diving with the mouthpiece for a few minutes with the approval of your equipment store. If it's still comfortable, it's probably a good fit for your tooth shape. Mouthpieces are generally not very expensive and can be easily replaced if you find the bite uncomfortable.


The choice of piston or diaphragm regulator is a matter of personal preference; both types of regulators have their own merits. One factor that divers often overlook is water temperature.

 Is your regulator suitable for the water temperature at the dive site? Cold water is more of a concern than warm water. If you're going to dive in this condition, make sure your regulator can handle the cooler temperatures.

If you purchased an older regulator, make sure you have the regulator's after-sales warranty and whether repair kits for important parts are still available.


NO.2  Diving Flippers 

Diving flippers give you the propulsion you need to swim effortlessly without getting tired. Some are clingy, meaning you wear them over your bare feet like shoes. This is ideal for diving in the tropics.

If you're going to a milder location, opening root fins are a better choice. They have a sturdy pocket and ankle strap that can be adjusted to fit neoprene diving socks or boots. 



NO.3  Oxygen Cylinder 

An main function of an oxygen cylinder that allows you to breathe underwater. A gas cylinder or oxygen cylinder holds compressed air. If you are an experienced diver and have the necessary qualifications, you can also fill your oxygen tank with nitrogen (oxygen-enriched air) or a mixture of mixed gases. These are usually used to extend your dive time.

There are many different types of gas cylinders, but the most basic types are made of steel or aluminum and are usually filled with 2400 to 3500 PSI of air. Refill the tank after every dive.

oxygen cylinder


NO.4  Geneinno Underwater Booster

Geneinno S1 underwater booster provides two different kinds of diving experience which the gear can be freely switched. With a strong thrust of 12KG, one-click swimming, it allows you to swim easily and freely in every underwater journey, and it also supports external sports cameras, which records every wonderful moment in the water.

 Geneinno S2 underwater scooter  is a booster that provides balanced propulsion underwater. The lightweight design and high-quality structure make it the smallest and most portable underwater propulsion on the market, saving swimmers/divers energy. It can also be easy- to-use for people who are not good at swimming, swimming, free diving, snorkeling, paddle board, etc.

water scooter

Suffing Device


NO.1  surf leash 

It is an important accessory that can ensure everyone's safety. When falling into the water, you can follow it to find the surfboard, and it also ensures that the surfboard will not rush back to the shore with the waves or encounter other surfers.

However, for experienced players, it is actually not recommended to use an ankle strap when playing with huge waves. 

surf leash

NO.2  surf wear

Whether you're wearing a jellyfish suit, wetsuit, semi-dry suit or dry suit, the most important factor is what suits your diving environment. Be sure to try it on yourself before buying, the right wetsuit can save your life, especially if you're diving in a drysuit.

surf wear

NO.3 Power Fins

Geneinno Power Fin S4(coming soon) is a zero-threshold surfing device. It is suitable for paddle boards or floating boards with fin interfaces. It supports single and dual battery modes. The booster has a built-in high-power brushless motor. The perfect balance between sex and mobility is achieved. The operation is more than ten minutes simple, and it only takes a few minutes to go from a novice with zero experience to a surfing expert.

Power Fins


Well, with these water gears, I believe you can't hold back now and want to go to the sea for a wave.

SO, go off now!


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