How to Carry out Fish Farming Scientifically? Underwater Robot Helps You!

Underwater robots can do many things recently. They are utilized for various purposes, from fishing, to film making, underwater exploration as a hobby, boat inspections, underwater bridge inspections, mapping and more.

underwater robot

They can be programmed to travel to remote, dangerous and unexplored parts of the ocean to take the most beautiful photos and images of the marine world;

They can also help scientists conduct seafloor sampling, enriching the accumulation of materials for the underwater world.

Today, we will talk about how to use underwater robots for fish farming.


Crayfish is definitely one of the indispensable delicacies in summer. Whether it's a dinner or a supper, the crayfish is delicious and refreshing with beer. So, how to cultivate succulent crayfish to satisfy the market need? Due to their super-breeding ability, it is not enough to rely on labor alone.


In the application scenario of traditional farming, divers are required to enter the water for sampling. However, as it is greatly affected by weather factors, sampling has become poor flexibility and mobility. Moreover, not only the frequency of launching cannot be guaranteed, but also the labor costs are also too high. These are the main reasons why aquaculture cannot be efficient and productive.


Fortunately, the integration of underwater black technology and aquaculture brings a new and safer way of harvesting for aquaculture, which leads a new perspective of water culture and quality lifestyle.

Geneinno TI Pro underwater robot is equipped with a multi-parameter water quality detector, which can detect the PH value, dissolved oxygen content, ammonia nitrogen content, salinity content and other information of water quality. It wouldn’t damage the water quality while detecting the lobster, crayfish or other marine life. 

fish farming

Real-time observation with external LED lights

Geneinno TI Pro is featured with 4K high-definition video, 160° super wide-angle lens, 9000 lumen full light and real-time observation of the seabed, which makes crayfish to be clearly seen and water quality testing is more convenient and accurate even under dim sea water. 

The staffs no longer have to be unable to observe in time due to turbid water quality or other reasons.

Replace human beings and cut the costs

Geneinno TI Pro can dive to a maximum depth of 175 meters. It is not only easy to operate and can be deployed independently by one person, but also ensures the safety of human beings. The external battery can last up to 8 hours, ensuring the underwater operation time. The fisherman can adjust the launching frequency of Geneinno TI Pro underwater robot according to their needs, and can check the underwater situation in real time, which greatly saves time and money costs.

Other accessories supported

GeneinnoTI Pro not only supports multi-parameter water quality detectors, but also supports multi-equipment mounting such as omnidirectional scanning sonar, robotic arms, etc., which can meet the operational needs of different situations on the seabed.

The robotic arm grasps intelligently and flexibly without damaging the sampled material, which greatly facilitates aquaculture practitioners to conduct regular underwater sampling work. Omnidirectional scanning sonar can achieve 360° all-round underwater scanning, which helps to find exploration targets and provide information beyond the line of sight in complex waters, regardless of water quality conditions.

Data Record

For fish farming, the growth process is one of the most important links. In addition to real-time monitoring of external conditions such as water temperature and water quality, breeders must also track and record their growth patterns, such as the best feeding time, reproduction speed and quantity, and salvage time. Through video observation and comparison from Geneinno T1 Pro, breeders can breed more accurately and scientifically to maximize profits.

In addition, 128G of memory is enough to store enough videos. If possible, the recorded video can be made into relevant teaching content, which is conducive to the promotion of biological breeding technology.

data record

With the rapid development of fishery intelligence, it is not only an urgent requirement to promote the transformation and upgrading of fishery, but also an effective way to make up for the shortcomings of fishery development. To promote the deep integration of automatic detection and fishery, Geneinno will continue to innovate and develop efficient and fast automation application functions effectively serve the fishery aquaculture industry. More importantly, it will promote the scientific conservation and sustainable use of global fishery resources, and guides the transformation of traditional fishery to smart fishery develop.


Therefore, various drawbacks indicate that fish farming only by humans is outdated, and underwater robots are the first choice for aquaculture.

In the next article, we will talk about how the underwater robot performs B-ultrasound examinations on the hull and bridges.

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