5 Popular Water Sports You Must Have a Try

You love having fun in the water ? No doubt that , swimming and surfing are the most familiar water sports . Except those above what other kinds of water sports have you ever known ?

As a water sports lover , today I would like to share you with some new thrilling water adventures which should make your life even more exciting .

And I bet this is the last project such as flying with portable underwater scooter  you really want to try .

water sports


1 . Cliff Diving

 If you're addicted to extreme sports , or you're an adrenaline junkie looking for your next fix , I'm guessing Cliff Diving might be perfect for you .

Cliff diving is one of the extreme sports that raise your adrenaline when you jump off a cliff . When done without equipment , it may be also known as tombstone . It forms part of the sport of coastal exploration or " coasteering " . When performed with a parachute , it is known as BASE jumping .

Not to try it lightly unless you have a strong heart.

cliff diving


 2 . Jet Surfing 

Jet surfing is the latest adrenaline-filled water sport . It is becoming very popular in recent years . Surfing on gasoline or electric boards with a motor , you can simply enjoy the drive , riding on the board , or make entertainment more comfortable with the help of necessary accessories.

Combining water skiing , windsurfing , and speed boat into one , Surfjet turns this thrilling sport into SUR FINA - that can't get over the thrill of water skiing . Not every person can do jet surfing .

 People need to take proper training to ride motorized surfboards . So , if you want to surf , let me that you are an excellent swimmer.

jet surfing


3 . Scuba Diving 

According to wiki , scuba diving is a type of underwater diving whereby divers use breathing equipment that is completely independent of a surface air supply . The name " scuba " , an acronym for " Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus " . The key difference to other forms of diving , such as snorkelling or free diving , is that scuba divers carry a source of breathing gas that allow for greater mobility , deeper dives , and independence .

Scuba Diving


 4 . Flyboard Flying 

Flyboard is a new water sport that allows you to propel underwater and fly up to seven meters high . This experience is especially intended for those looking for fun , adrenaline and safety on the waters of Fuerteventura .

Are you one of them ?



5. Underwater scooter

 Underwater scooter is one of the safest and labor-saving water sports compared with those above . It is also easier that no matter you are an expert or newbie even a child . Simply grab the handles , squeeze the triggers , and off you go !

underwater scooter

Generally , most sea scooters have two-gear speed , which can need different people . Want to enjoy the thrill of the waves or have a race with a shark/dolphin ? Just adjust to the high speed . Slow down if you want to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Along with the water entertainment coming prevalent , more and more underwater scooters are listed , such as Yamaha , Seabob , Sublue . According to my experience , I would like to recommend you Geneinno S1underwater scooter , which is one of the portable and cost-effective scooters that is suitable for not only you but also your children .

With child safe-lock , parents do not worry about the safety of their children . So , if you want to have a try with a thrilling water sport , start with Geneinno water scooter.

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