Geneinno Stories

The world’s leading wading intelligent equipment includes the R&D and manufacturer of underwater intelligent robots/drones and solution providers.

It is the first global high-tech enterprise to commercialize underwater consumer-level robots/drones, integrating artificial intelligence and underwater robot research and development, platform software development and application, and product sales are integrated.

Products include underwater intelligent robot series, underwater aircraft series, wading fitness sports products series, etc., which are exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world, involving coastal tourism and sports Health industry, water transportation, coastal security, military equipment, film and television entertainment and other fields.

Moreover, focusing on the exploration and development of the underwater space field, building a global ocean image content sharing digital platform, and then building an innovative underwater intelligent ecological industry chain of hardware + software + system + services; through continuous innovation, Leading technology with innovation, in order to achieve unprecedented breakthroughs in marine artificial intelligence technology, shape the era of ocean intelligence, and ultimately guide a new perspective of waters emerging culture and quality lifestyle.

Our Missions

1. Make great effort to develop underwater drones and aircraft continuously, and contribute to the marine scientific research.

2.Provide better and safer equipment for underwater sports enthusiasts. Let the joy of life spread all over the sea, land and air.

I am a salesperson at Geneinno and this is the fourth year here. I still love my job and my company. Geneinno is a big family that we share & fight, and we are committed to create a better future together. With the development of the company, I have also improved a lot personally. I've not only gotten a high salary, but also my personal awareness of work and life are enhanced here. I believe that Geneinno will get better and better, and we will all get better and better.

Our team

Geneinno has a strong technical & sales team, who are all elites from related industries. Since its establishment, the R&D technical team has expanded to more than 50 people, and the marketing and sales personnel are located at home and abroad.