Top 5 Popular & Worthy-buy Gifts for Children's Day

 Children's day is coming in less than a month. Parents are always racking their brains in order to give their children a meaningful Children's Day. There are various ways to celebrate. Some parents hold a Children's Day party for their children, some may buy toys or clothes, and Chinese parents prefer to give their children a big red envelope.

According to a questionnaire survey not long ago, the following 10 gifts are the children's most desired gifts for Children's Day. Can you imagine the surprise and surprise the moment children open the gift?

Next, I will list these 10 gifts, hoping to help those parents who are selective.


Top 1: LEGO Creator Building Kit

A LEGO Kit can develop children’s creative and construction skills. In addition, it will give kids the possibility to design different interesting shapes, such as animals, characters, buildings, and even other unknown creatures, which allows children play while learning.

Age: from 3~18 years old, boys & girls


Top2: Aisha Dressing-up Box

How many girls are Elsa or Snow White fans? Not to mention children, even adults are fascinated by them. For girls who like to dress up dolls and love beauty, the Aisha dress up gift set is definitely one of their first choices.

Have you noticed that girls like to wear their mother's high heels and dangle their bags in front of you from a young age?

Give them a set of dress-up gift boxes, which can not only cultivate their practical ability and aesthetic ability, but also can make them as strong and brave as Elsa.

Age: 3~6 years old, girls

dress-up box

Top3:Coloring And Doodle Mat

All kids love coloring or drawing in and doodling. The magic pen included simply needs to be filled with water and then it’s ready to be used on the mat. After several minutes(generally 3~10 minutes) doodles will magically disappear allowing kids to doodle on it over and over again. Free from paint and toxic materials, it’s completely safe for children and free from mess.

With easy storage, the doodle mat can be folder into a compact size and transported with ease. Little children will love interacting with this cool toy that gets their imaginative juices flowing and educates in the process.

Age: 2~8 years old, boys & girls

Coloring And Doodle Mat


Top4: Children underwater booster Toys

Every child loves to play with water. Believe it or not, they can stay in the water from day to night without eating or drinking.

Well, physical strength is a big test for children. Here, I want to recommend you an children underwater booster toy that is suitable for adults and children to play. It not only allows your child to save energy when playing in the water, but also makes swimming easier. Of course, the most important is that it is safer with child safe lock.

Definitely it will be a very special and precious gift for children's day.

Age:6~18 years old, boys& girls

children underwater scooter

Top5: Kick Scooter for kids

“I purchased this scooter for my 5-year-old grandson thinking 'he'll grow into it,' but he hopped on it right away and loved it. All the children in his cul-de-sac had them, so he joined in and had a great time riding with the big kids. Even his 30-year-old uncle had a go on it and thought it was great fun!!!”

The kick scooters were really a staple of childhood. Whether it's a boy or a girl, they all have a cool side. It's perfect for kids who love to play outdoors.

age:4-8 years old, boys & girls


The forms of the celebration or gifts are not important, what meaningful is the love from parents. Whether the gifts above won your heart, whatever,we should try our best to give our children a happy and healthy childhood.

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