Unexpectedly, the Underwater Aircraft Can Rescue Drowning Children!

As summer comes, adults and children love to soak in the water.  Swimming pools, beaches and even nearby rivers are good place for their entertainment. This is also the reason why children mortality due to drowning is increasing year by year.


An estimated 236,000 people died from drowning in 2019, making drowning a major public health problem globally. In the same year, drowning accounted for nearly 8% of all deaths globally. Drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths.

In April 2021, General Assembly Resolution A/RES/75/273 proclaimed each year of 25 July as the World Drowning Prevention Day. This global campaign can highlight the tragic and far-reaching impact of drowning on families and communities, and also provide life-saving solutions to prevent drowning.


All stakeholders - governments, UN agencies, civil society organizations, the private sector, academia and individuals are invited to participate in the World Drowning Prevention Day, emphasizing the need for urgent and coordinated or multisectoral action on effective measures, including:

1.Set up barriers to control access to water;

2.Provide preschool children safe places away from water, such as day care centers, with appropriate child care;

3.Teaching skills like swimming, safety rescue;

4.Safe rescuesand resuscitation training for bystanders;

5.Develop and enforce safe boating, shipping and ferry regulations;

6.Enhanced flood risk management.


Although the above measures can prevent or avoiding drowning,  we still need some tools or devices to rescue drowning children who are in danger.

1.Carry a lifebuoy with you. Whether you can swim or not, a lifebuoy can sometimes save your life. Of course, you can also bring a life jacket if necessary.

children lifebuoy


2.Whether you’ve heard the anti-drowning bracelet which has become popularfor self-rescuing recently. Simply attach a CO2 cylinder to the device and wear the bracelet on your wrist or arm. When danger occurs to the water, toggle the switch device, and the gas in the gas tank will pop and then open the compressed air bag of the wristband at the first time, generating a life-saving air bag of a certain buoyancy, which can pull the drowning person out of the water.

Since this equipment is not suitable for beginners, not enough people use it actually.

anti-drowning bracelet


3.Underwater aircraft. Essentially, it is an underwater entertainment device which can save your energy or let you experience a different thrill when diving or swimming. It is safe and suitable for all groups of men, women and children ( children above 6 years old).

In addition, the underwater aircraft can also be used as a water rescue equipment. Take the Geneinno S2 underwater aircraft for example.

Firstly, with the features of positive buoyancy, child safety lock and connected app for babysitting, the risk of drowning can be largely avoided.

Even when encountering drowning children, Geneinno S2 can be a reliable assistance to help rescuing. It can make you quickly approaching the victim, and then you can tie the matching anti-lost rope to him/her and drag to the shore.

Time is life. Compared with waiting for the rescue center,  Geneinno  S2 is undoubtedly the faster and safer.

underwater aircraft

In short, playing in the water is a very funny thing, but at the same time, you must always ensure your personal safety.

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