Amazing! The Portable Underwater Drones Can Do These Things!

DJI drones are already familiar to you, right? While flying in the sky, they brought countless wonderful pictures to us. According to news report, the newly developed agricultural drones have begun to plant trees and rice on a large scale.

Isn't it amazing?

This development not only frees hands, but also improves labor efficiency ,which is definitely one of the most laudable inventions for agricultural workers.

Of course, in addition to drones that fly in the sky, there are also drones that swim in the water. In recent years, underwater drones have gradually become the underwater overlord, controlling everything in underwater.

Now, you must be wondering what amazing things it can do as a underwater leader. There they are.


1.Take the Most Beautiful Underwater Scenery

geneinno underwater drone

Taking pictures should be one of the most basic functions of underwater drones. They replace the human + camera, and input the underwater scene into your mobile phone or computer with one click, allowing you to enjoy an underwater visual feast.


2.Underwater live broadcast

underwater weddings

With the maturity of live broadcast technology and lifestyle changes, more and more people have begun to live broadcasts underwater. The content of the live broadcast is also varied, such as underwater sports events, underwater dances, underwater weddings and so on.

Take underwater weddings for example. The fish turned into the best man and bridesmaids, and the water plants are the layout of the wedding scenes.

What an exciting scene that the two protagonists are embraced by them.


3.Ocean Exploration

underwater exploration

Scientists are always passionate about exploration and discovery. The mysteries were unveiled by them one by one.

For oceanographers, they no longer have to go into the water to explore the unknown that an sea drone has done all. Normally, the deepest underwater drone dives to 200 meters underwater. With the features of hovering and capturing from different angles and super lumen lighting technology, it is enough to bring unexpected benefits to scientists.


4.Water Salvage

marine salvage

Summer is coming with strong winds and rain. For some river sections that are prone to deposition and water rising, which is necessary to clean up regularly. Or it may lead to flooding or other hazards.

 Generally speaking, workers carry out water salvage by means of salvage boats or fishing nets. The disadvantage is that due to the turbidity of the underwater water, it is difficult to catch all in a short time. With the underwater drone and its equipped robotic arm, you can perfectly solve the above problems.


5.Tour Guide

tour group

You must have never imagined that an underwater drone will become your underwater tour guide. On the one hand, using a 4K high-definition image return technology makes you lying on the sofa as if you are travelling in the depths of the sea. What a go-to trip!

Secondly, the underwater drone with GPS technology can accurately locate the underwater position, allowing you to visit the sea and enjoy the underwater journey.


As the development of underwater drone technology, I believe that we can unlock more of its skills. It not only brings convenience to our life, but also makes a huge change in our way of life.

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