How to Salvage an iPhone 13 by Using a Robotic Arm From Deep Sea?

Have you ever experienced the despair and helplessness of having something gone? Especially things that are precious to you.

Actually, I have encountered.

I enjoyed yachting with friends years ago, especially in the evening with the sea breeze and sunset. What a leisurely time it was.

 go to sea

I remember clearly what happened that day. I took out my phone and prepared to take pictures to record the sunset reflected on my boyfriend's face. In an instant, the yacht suddenly accelerated, and my phone fell to the bottom of the sea without warning.

That's my phone I've had for a few years. It records my life with my friends, lover and family.

God, it is even the source of my joy.

Seriously, I was so tempted to jump down and fish it up at that time. But that's not possible unless you want to send you into the belly of a shark.

 speed boat

Since then, I have always been cautious when going to sea, and I didn’t even dare to take out my phone to take pictures. This took a lot of fun out of my plan to go to sea.


Until one day, a friend recommended me an underwater robot for salvage & treasure hunting. It is said that many treasure hunters have begun to use them to develop new treasure-hunting markets. 

The protagonist to be introduced today is Geneinno underwater robot. It not only looks beautiful, but also has strong underwater combat skills, such as underwater shooting & live broadcasting, water quality testing, aquaculture monitoring, salvage positioning, hull surveying, etc. .

In response to my previous experience, I would like to talk about how to use the Geneinno underwater drone to salvage the items left on the seabed. Before doing that, you need to buy the weapon mounted on the robot - the manipulator.


Geneinno Robotic arm is an external device for Geneinno underwater drones. Just like its name, it is the right arm of the drone, assisting the drone to do many things.

geneinno robotic arm

Here are the main features about :

  1. It can generate a maximum grip of 6kg in underwater, which means that itis no problem in dragging the weight of an adult.
  2. Sturdy and powerfuwith intelligent grip mode, it ensures that objects do not fall easily
  3. The direction can be changed freely through the APP.
  4. 4. It can be used with other professional claw kits such as cages, grappling hooks, samplers, etc.
  5. The length of the manipulator is 0.56 meters, which can be extended into relatively hidden rock crevices for salvage sampling.


Tips you need to know before salvaging

  1. 1. Determine the approximate salvage location;
  2. 2. The water depth does not exceed 175 meters;
  3. 3. The object should not be too large, and the claw opening and closing distance is limited
  4. Keep safety. Carry first aid gear with you in case of danger.

Here is the video about how to use geneinno robotic arm to salvage the lost in the seabed.

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