How to Spend a Long Summer Vacation? Underwater Scooters are Preferred

After a month or two, the summer vacation that the children in the northern hemisphere are looking forward to is coming. Honestly, it is a bit nerve-racking that how to make a reasonable plan for children in summer vacation.

summer vacation


Generally, summer makes everyone listless and tired, even young girls and boys. Either they sleep in late or are addicted to TV or video games. It takes courage to go out in the hot summer. If there is a way that can make a person become alive and energetic, it must be related to water, such as swimming, surfing.

However,with the advancement of technology and the diversification of entertainment methods, people begin to pursue high-quality entertainment projects which can not only relax the body and mind;but also can deepen the relationship or seek different thrill and pleasures.

Then, some new types of water sports with a sense of technology came into being, like diving with underwater scooters.

underwater scooter


Unlike other water sports, Playing with underwater scooters do not  require either professional technical training or good physical fitness. It is zero threshold and easy to use for men, women and children. The highlight of the design is that it can not only maintain your stamina in the water, but also makes you swim or dive like a dolphin. 

There are several popular underwater scooters in the market. They are all pros and cons.

Here I just take 3 most popular underwater scooters for example.


1.WhiteShark MixPro:



  • detachable bouyancy tank
  • Portable with only 2kg


  • the most expensive one





  • OLED dashboard
  • quiet 50 decibel motor


  • Max dive depth only 30 meters
  • Almost 4kg


3. Geneinno S2

Geneinno S2


  • 2-gear speed
  • Postive buoyancy
  • Child safelock
  • Quick charger


  • Without OLED dashboard


Under comprehensive comparison, Geneinno S2 is the most cost-effective sea scooter that you can choose.

Below I will tell you that how to spend a pleasant and meaningful summer vacation with it.

First, you need to buy a GeneinnoS2 underwater scooter. (For beginners and children, S1 is the first choice. For those who have some experience in water sports or young people who are looking for excitement, I recommend S2.

Second, check your equipment, pack your belongings, choose the right water area, and go.

Finally, turn on the power button, hold the aircraft handle, and enjoy swimming.


With just three easy steps, you can have a water trip that you can just walk away.

So, as parents, would you still worry about how to spend the long and boring summer vacation?

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